Data Protection you can bank on without breaking your budget.

Make your employees part of your cyberdefense team.

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Tired of one-size-fits-all security awareness products? LUCY’s FREE Onboarding tool will give you a perfectly tailored solution.

Campaign Management

Our unbeatable Campaign Management will create one or whole year’s worth of tailored campaigns just for you.

Campaign Customizations

With our fully customizable templates, we’ll clone a website, drop in your logo, and create a campaign as individual as your people.

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Security you can bank on.

Lucy: Conceived to protect banks from phishing. Evolved to give every organization peace of mind.

Over 25 million human firewalls trained to date. And counting.

The most customizable suite of security awareness solutions on the planet, with a down-to-earth pricing policy that puts Lucy within reach of every security professional’s budget.

Lucy helps protect Main Street as well as Wall Street from cybercrime by teaching employees how to recognize and report attacks like phishing, smishing, ransomware, CEO Fraud, malware drops and credential stealing.

Lucy’s detailed real-time reporting, phishing button, technical tests and advanced email threat analysis put actionable data into the hands of decision-makers, not hackers.

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